Ahhhh... the waters of Sharons Springs... the mysterious natural elixirs that give the village her name and have made her springs a prized destination for centuries. There is nothing anywhere else quite like the free-flowing mineral waters that course through the village.

The spring waters that took eons to emerge first attracted the Mohican and Algonquin Indians long before the arrival of Europeans in the 1600’s. Successive generations discovered the therapeutic waters for themselves and more and more people came for their miraculous healing properties. Large hotels, bath houses, and spas were built to accommodate them.

Sharon Springs is best known for her sulfur, chalybeate (iron), and magnesium waters for respiratory and general health benefits, and “bluestone” waters for healing the eyes. As with many natural health claims, the science is uncertain but you can find a wonderful scholarly analysis in the Sharon Springs Museum.

Uniquely situated in the Mohawk Valley, there are two aquifers that supply the waters that emanate here; but no one has ever discovered the original source. Nearby you can visit the spectacular Canajoharie Falls and Gorge.